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Stem Cells To 'Win' Parkinson's Disease

   brainScientists were the first to achieve significant success in treating Parkinson's disease. Stem cells helped them in this, and for their introduction the operation was not required - the drug was delivered to the brain through the nose.

   Safe and effective treatment for Parkinson's disease, which does not require surgery to stem cell transplantation, was developed by scientists from Germany. To stop the deterioration of memory researchers used mesenchymal stem cells - multipotent regional stem cells.

   An important property of mesenchymal cells is that they suppress the immune system to their presence. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to use for the treatment of not only their own stem cells, but of other people not achieving full compatibility.

   Experiments on mice in which researchers modeled the symptoms of Parkinson's disease demonstrated the efficacy of the new method. Mesenchymal stem cells as a spray were introduced into the nose, from which they themselves had moved into the brain and remained there for at least 6 months. Mesenchymal stem cells are present mainly in the bone marrow and can transform into a variety of embryonic connective tissue.

   Stem cell treatment led to significant improvement in motor function, the recovery process which took place on 68% better than usually. With the help of stem cells it was also possible to stop the decline in the level of neurotransmitter dopamine, which is required to coordinate muscular work.

   In the affected areas of the brain where got stem cells, the level of neurotransmitter dopamine was higher than in the affected areas that were not subjected to treatment using stem cells, writes MedicalNewsToday.

   As the author of the study from the University of Tubingen in Germany, the introduction of mesenchymal stem cells through the nose not only helps to avoid injury of tissue and associated inflammation, but also helps to prevent swelling of the brain, which is the surgical implantation of therapeutic stem cells.

   And last but not least, non-invasive treatment using stem cells can go again after some time.

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